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Restaurant EPOS System

NETRON develops and provides comprehensive restaurant and food service management software that can be scaled to meet the needs of every type and size of restaurant, whether you operate a single restaurant or hundreds. 

Our hospitality solutions can easily be expanded as required, and can fit the demands of takeaway, delivery, quick-service, fast casual, and full-service restaurants, as well as catering, pubs, bars and nightclubs.

Online Food Ordering System

Simple, powerful and fully integrated with Netron EPOS system. Online Ordering system includes; Your Branded iPhone & Android App, Brand New Website, Collection & Delivery Online Ordering, Online Booking & Reservation for Restaurants. 

Sell Online. Easily.

Online Food Ordering System will give your customers a tool to order food from your restaurant. 

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Netron EPOS Features

Tables Service

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Takeaway & Delivery Service

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Backoffice Included 

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Online Ordering Features

Branded Mobile Apps

Your branded iPhone and Android apps will help your customers to order quickly.

Branded Online Ordering Web Page

Your branded online ordering web page will help your customers to order from their computers as well as mobile phones.

Standalone or EPOS Integrated

Online Ordering can be integrated with Netron EPOS software or works standalone.

5,000+ companies run Netron to manage their businesses.

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